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25 Years Of Success In New York And New Jersey

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, have built a proven track record of more than a quarter century of successful legal practice in the New York and New Jersey area. Through our litigation and transactional experience, we excel in the ability to address the significant financial concerns of corporations and private individuals.

We are well qualified to meet the high-asset needs and complicated financial issues of our clients. As a flexible and adaptable law firm, we put the quality of our experience and the benefit of our ability to work for a broad range of individuals and businesses. Aggressive in the pursuit of your goals, the attorneys of the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, stand ready to support you.

The Qualities To Rely On

You demand efficient and effective legal practice from your lawyer, and you expect the firm you hire to be aggressive in pursuing your goals whether those goals involve a divorce, property settlement or business dispute.

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, you can rely on us to consistently demonstrate the qualities designed to help you succeed.

  • The Ability to Devise Creative and Innovative Legal Solutions
  • Commitment to Client Support and Care
  • Highly Knowledgeable Legal Counsel
  • Aggressive Pursuit of Your Goals
  • A Strong Reputation in the New York and New Jersey Legal Community
  • Proactive Approach to Your Case

From day one, we work closely with you to map out a complete strategy designed to give you a road map for your case. We try to leave as little as possible to chance and take a proactive approach.

Take Control Of Your Legal Needs

With the right lawyer, you or your organization can take control over even the most complex situation. With an assertive partner that understands how to execute your vision, much can be achieved.

Call our office today at 866.930.9532 or contact us online to find out if our experience, ability and approach are a strong match for your legal goals.

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