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Working With Domestic Violence And Family Law Issues

Domestic violence can have a long-term impact on all members of a family. The accusation alone often changes everything: how future divorce proceedings will be considered, how issues of child care will be decided, the ability for individuals to work together to reach common and mutually beneficial divorce agreements.

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, we represent clients in all aspects of divorce and family law, whether you have been the victim of domestic violence or you are trying to recover your rights following an arrest. Accusations and occurrences of domestic violence are on the rise and with 25 years of proven experience, we have the litigation experience and client service commitment to be on your side.

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Imagine a scenario where, in the current economic climate, a frustrated couple has reached the breaking point in a marriage, but because neither can afford to move out and start a new life, they continue to live together. The stresses of a dysfunctional marriage and mounting expenses finally come to a head. A disagreement erupts. One spouse accuses the other of domestic violence and suddenly everything has changed.

This is one is a thousand kinds of stories our attorneys hear in the countless divorce cases we handle. Domestic violence is a specter that appears in many ways, sometimes as a one-time event, sometimes as false accusation and other times as a tragic pattern of abuse. But once raised, it becomes a central issue in decisions about property distribution and child custody.

Our office has the resources and tools to help clients in divorce cases involving domestic violence issues. Whether you are being protected by a restraining order from a violent spouse or you have been falsely accused, our lawyers can create a strategy that will protect your rights and interests.

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