New York Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Attorney

New York Breach Of Fiduciary Duty In Business Partnerships Attorney

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, we represent small and mid-market businesses throughout New York and New Jersey in all kinds of contractual disputes. Any time a corporate entity enters into a fiduciary relationship with another corporation, there is a risk of dispute and potential litigation. Members of a joint venture are best served seeking experienced legal representation in the early stages of a dispute.

Breach of fiduciary duty occurs when one party with a contractual obligation to another fails to meet their fiduciary obligation or standard of care. In a business relationship, this can involve breach of contract, breach of loyalty, or fraud.

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The Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, is skilled and experienced in breach of fiduciary matters, helping partners and members of a joint venture explore their legal options. Collaborative methods of dispute resolution may be the best option for settling a breach of fiduciary duty matter. However, our firm has more than a quarter century of experience settling business disputes in court. We are experienced litigators with skills in and out of the courtroom.

If you are involved in a joint venture with another individual, and that individual intentionally acted against your interests, you may be able to recover damages for breach of fiduciary duty. Our firm can help you explore your legal options while mindful of your budget and other concerns.

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