Domestic Partners

Resolving A Domestic Partnership Dissolution

Domestic partners need to address the same kinds of complex and difficult issues when a committed and legally bound relationship comes to an end as any other couple involved in a divorce.

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, in New York and New Jersey, we understand that you are facing the exact same struggle, frustration, disappointment, heartache and concern for your rights as a divorcing couple, and we stand ready to help you address those problems.

Handling The Issues Of Partnership Dissolution

The alternatives of civil unions and domestic partnerships have been an avenue for committed partners to create legally binding relationships in the eyes of the state. When these relationships dissolve it is important to put an attorney on your side that recognizes and is experienced at serving the needs of domestic partners.

The lawyers of Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, have established a reputation spanning 25 years working with issues such as:

  • Property Distribution
  • Asset Division
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Support Agreements

Opposing lawyers understand our reputation, and know that we are fully capable of moving our clients’ agendas forward in and out of the courtroom. We are known for building creative strategies for domestic partnership clients and protecting your wealth, rights and property.

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