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Child/parental relocation is a hot topic given the current economy. Given the current economic climate, many people are relocating for job opportunities and other reasons. As a result, many divorced parents in this situation must deal with the legal complexities of relocating with a child.

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, we represent parents in child relocation matters. If you are looking to relocate for a job to another area or state, or wish to object to a child move-away situation, contact our law firm for experienced legal guidance.

Differences In State Laws

Our law firm represents clients in New York and New Jersey (we have offices in Manhattan and West Caldwell). Both states have their own laws regarding child relocation. Here is an overview in very general terms:

  • New York tends to have standardized laws regarding child relocation. The courts tend to be more amendable to parental relocation, especially if the move will have a positive impact on the child.
  • New Jersey laws regarding child relocation are constantly being revised and tend to be stricter than those of New York. The “best interests of the child” standard still applies, but courts tend to be reluctant to approve out-of-state relocations.

Working with an experienced lawyer is important in a relocation situation. This legal process may require a custody modification through the court. Many other issues will need to be considered:

  • Will child support and parenting time / visitation be modified?
  • Which parent will bear travel costs?
  • Does the move support the best interests of the child?

We will address these questions and other considerations of your relocation situation. If you are relocating for a job or moving out of state for another reason, we can explain the legal steps you must take. We can also explain your options if you wish to object to your child moving with his or her other parent. Contact us or call 866.930.9532 to schedule an initial consultation.

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