Premarital & Post-Marital Agreements

Creating A Working Plan That Protects You

At the Law Offices of Howard B. Felcher, PLLC, located in Manhattan and West Caldwell, our attorneys work with clients throughout New York and New Jersey to devise legal strategies to help you protect your property, wealth and assets now and into the future.

Our proven understanding of complex financial and legal matters related to matrimonial law gives us the tools to fully advocate for an agreement that matches your needs now and in the future. We have built our reputation on 25 years of serving high-asset and high net-worth clients who need secure and enforceable protection. We can put that proven ability to work for you.

Prenuptial And Post-Marital Asset Protection

In the best of all possible situations, you would never need the protection afforded by your prenuptial or post-marital agreement. But just as you hope never to need car, health or life insurance, if the need arises you want it to be there and you want it to be effective.

  • Premarital Agreements – Commonly called a prenuptial, a premarital agreement is a method by which you and your future spouse can create a road map that empowers you to create your own solutions for the future. Answer the questions now, while you are able to come to mutually beneficial conclusions that can serve you in the future.
  • Post-Marital Agreements – Also referred to as a mid-marriage agreement, this is an option for couples who fear they may be approaching a divorce, but want to reconcile. This agreement helps you come to conclusions about the shape of a future divorce agreement, while you and your partner are still able to communicate and negotiate effectively.

Our attorneys have helped clients with high net worth protect their wealth, property, inheritance, trusts and assets for more than a quarter century. We understand the complex financial and legal issues involved, and we can help you create a prenuptial or post-marital agreement designed to match your needs and your situation.

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